High tech

A UNIQUE technical platform in the world

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All diagnostic and interventional examinations are performed in our hospitals through a next-generation technical platform: Gamma Knife Icon, Pet Scan, Open field MRI, Volumetric Arc Therapy unit (Vmat), Da Vinci Robot, Femtosecond laser, mobile scanner in neurosurgery operating room, tesla 7 MRI…


These high performance technological equipment meets the growing demands of medicine and research


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arrow-right-bold 263 553 Radiological acts
arrow-right-bold 100 737 scanner acts
arrow-right-bold 62 303 IRM acts
arrow-right-bold 32 361 Ultrasound procedures
arrow-right-bold 13 367 Acts of nuclear medicine
arrow-right-bold 7 298 TEP Scan acts
arrow-right-bold 13 654 Laboratory analyses