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Medical and nursing teams are committed to a dynamic of excellence and are experts in the whole range of specialties for every age of life, including the treatment of complex pathologies.


The AP-HM has 13 Reference Centers and 67 Rare Disease Competence Centers, one regional center for severe burns, two level 3 maternity hospitals. It performs 260 transplants a year.


The teams are also leaders in the field of pediatrics and neonatal medicine, infectiology (with the University Hospital Institute “Mediterranean Infection”), neurosciences and neurosurgery, genetics (GIPTIS project), oncology (CLIP2 labeling), trauma, organ transplantation, hematology, immunology including Marseille Immunopole (the French cluster in immunology), cardiology, cardiac surgery (UMAC) and vascular surgery ( Center aorte), cell therapy, resuscitation...


Medical teams regularly perform European and world premieres introducing new surgical techniques and treatments or using high-technology equipment.


Due to their internationally recognized expertise, they also participate in numerous international congresses, supervise and train students and trainees.


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stethoscope 2 000 doctors
human-male-female 13 000 non-medical staff including 8500 caregivers