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AP-HM asserts an international presence equal to the reputation of its medical teams and its position within the French hospital landscape.


The international strategy aims to contribute to :


  • Upgrading the reputation of University hospital excellence in Marseille
  • Enhancing and highlighting hospital staff
  • Restoring financial balances, especially through a larger recruitment.


Thus, the strategy relies on the diversity and richness of AP-HM activities, in the field of medicine, care, management and technics.


In a general way, no activity is undertaken without dedicated funding. This is an essential principle. Synergies are encouraged with university actors, local authorities and socio-economic operators.


Our strategy is based on three operational lines :


  • valuation : translate the value of internationally recognized teams’ work into monetary terms. This involves selling intellectual services in response to international calls for tender or to requests from partners.
  • attractiveness :

    - for professionals : organize, in association with our University partners, the reception of young professionals in training

    - for international patients : satisfy unmet health needs in foreign countries, and so generate additional incomes to AP-HM. In various specialties, the reception of European or non-European patients, for external acts or for stays, is organized respecting equal access to the public service, through secure terms of payment, with the help of partners for the patients referencing. 

  • cooperation : bringing values of public service and solidarity, cooperation is a key element in the support of health policies in partner countries and in the promotion of the French School of Medicine. It gets external financing and runs on projects, in priority in the fields of care organization and research.


Collaborations have been established in more than 30 countries. In terms of geographical priorities, AP-HM operates mainly in Maghreb and Mashreq countries, in Southeast Asia, French West Africa and in countries with a strong community in Marseille (Comoros, Armenia, etc...).


For example :


  • Training of radiotherapy specialists in Algeria
  • Design of the National Cancer Institute in Cambodia
  • Training in Medical Imaging in Viet Nam
  • Training of specialists in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon
  • Research on infectious diseases in Senegal
  • Support for strengthening Pediatric Emergencies in Armenia
  • Support for strengthening Mother-Child Emergencies in Mali
  • Training for pediatric liver transplantation in Morocco.


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43 international cooperation agreements
30 countries involved in cooperation with AP-HM