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Unique : a new-generation 7 Tesla MRI

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The Timone University Hospital (AP-HM) is equipped with a Tesla 7 MRI, a cutting edge device unique in French hospitals.


The Tesla 7 MRI equipment is installed in the CRMBM (Biological and Medical Magnetic resonance imaging Center) which houses in its hospital site the CEMEREM, Center of metabolic exploration by magnetic resonance.  This imaging equipment is unique in hospitals in France. Since its installation, it has allowed the most precise exploration of brain, spinal cord, heart, muscle, cartilage and bones.


So far, the CRMBM-CEMEREM, whose medical director is Prof. Maxime GUYE, is the only center in the world to have developed MRI protocols for exploring various nuclei of atoms in all these organs, making it possible to measure their structure and their function at the highest level. 


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