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University Hospital Institute Méditerranée Infection

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The Fondation Méditerranée Infection draws on its name the idea of ​​synergy, of gathering, of radiance. Bringing together innovation and know-how, rooted in a region with an international influence, and supported by various and complementary partners, it is destined to become a global attraction in the field of infectious diseases.


The aim of the Mediterranean Infection Foundation is to condense the means of fighting infectious diseases, the world's leading cause of death (17 million deaths per year), including the three world killers (HIV, tuberculosis and malaria) In a major and strategic center with local, national and international influence. To achieve this objective, the foundation is divided into three sectors:


  • The innovation of specialized clinical services at the cutting edge of technology by reunifying and developing three infectious disease services in Marseille,
  • The attraction of the best performers at the international level to develop research on infectious diseases,
  • The transformation of this knowledge into useful elements for man, in the form of diagnostic or therapeutic products, developing privileged relationships with industrial, national and regional partners.


In addition, two particularly innovative points emerge from this project:


  • The integration of the Fondation Infectiopôle Sud which will be a department of the new Foundation and will allow the recruitment of an average of 30 foreign students per year from the countries of the South
  • A physical presence of the industrial partners within the IHU allowing a practical management of the valorisation of the results of the research.


This concentration of objectives and means lies in an intelligent building based on the Timone site between the Faculty of Medicine and the Timone Hospital, bringing together care, research, surveillance and information on diseases Infectious diseases.